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buy google news approved websites

Buy Google News Approved Website

Google News approval is pretty much hard these days and takes lots of effort and hard work. Here we provide you US Google News Approved website at affordable rates and website also comes with Adsense safety. You can see that Google Adsense is already approved on our websites so you just need to place your Adsense code whether it is an Auto ads code or Ads Unit code, our website will work 100% safe with Google Adsense.

We also give you two months warranty when you buy a Google News approved website from us. In this period you need to be extra careful that you follow Google News Publisher Guidelines extra carefully. Because if you do a little mistake on Publisher terms then google has all the power to terminate website from Google News Platform.

If you use Google News website wisely and do 100% organic work then it will be a lot more beneficial for you. The main reason behind that is, most of the Google News Domains are totally News Based and you can publish multiple niches here like technology, News, politics, entertainment, etc.

6 benefits of having Google News Approved website

  1. Fast indexing in Google search
  2. Lot more traffic
  3. Brand popularity & awareness
  4. Natural backlinks from other News websites
  5. Less effort in SEO
  6. Google Adsense earning

Here we discuss these benefits in details.

1- Fast indexing in Google search

Google News websites crawl rate increases as user interaction increases and due to this your articles will be indexed in Google search and Google News Platform within minutes of publishing.

So, if you provide some fresh news topic then you can become the first person who sharted the discussion on that topic or announce that news to the public.

2- Lot more traffic

You need to give the best piece of knowledge and detailed topic with proper research then your article will be added into the headlines section in News Headlines in Google News App & website and get enormous direct traffic from there.

google news approved website

Your article will get placed in the ‘Top Stories’ on the 1st position of Google and get huge traffic directly from Google as in the above image.

3- Brand popularity & awareness

When visitors are frequent on your website when they search for any news and visits your website for multiple times because you provide fast and accurate news before other and also release an update article when following up that news. Then after sometime visitor memorizes your site name and next time they directly search your website for all updates and news.

The same things come with Google Search, when visitors are visiting your website repeatedly for most of their search queries, then Google will improve your Domain authority and page authority and with benefits of that, you will get better ranking on same articles as compared to your competitors.

4- Natural backlinks from other News websites

This same concept works when you publish great and quality content ahead of your competitors then it will excite your competitors to read from your blog and when they find it significant they will give you a source backlink. Also, some natural backlinks from other small websites.

5- Less effort on SEO

Google News is the only place in which your article got indexed in Google within a few minutes and as explained that quality content will get ranked in ‘Top Stories’ and can get direct organic traffic.

Along with that, you will get direct natural backlinks from different competitors and other category websites which will enhance your search experience in Google search.

6- Google Adsense earning

Google AdSense is one of the best options to earn from a website. And in the case of Google news approved websites, all the traffic comes from organic Google search and their official Google News App and both are the natural sources of traffic. That’s why Google Adsense earning is profitable when you work with News websites.

Along with that, if traffic comes from organic source then you will get a better CPC (Cost per click) which will increase your overall revenue. When you getting lots of traffic and an appropriate number of clicks on Google ads then your CTR (Click-through rate) will be managed and it will make your Adsense account safe.

Why choose us

  • We have a large inventory for you so that you can buy Google News Approved websites and can search your desired domain from the list. Every time we have a minimum of 15 to 20 News approved websites so that you can go for the best.
  • We provide two months of support period along with every domain purchased, also you need to follow Google News Publisher Guidelines to maintain your website in News Portal.
  • We have sold a number of News Approved websites worldwide. Also, we accept multiple payment methods accepted by buyers. You can choose from Paypal, Escrow, Wire transfer.
  • You can also schedule meetings with our experts if you are in India and we also have Skype Chat & call facility for all our foreign buyers.

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